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Breastfeeding is a team sport. The problem is, most "playbooks" only focus on the 2 star players - you and your baby. When it comes to partners, grandparents, and other support people, the best advice they get is:

  • Bring baby to the lactating parent at feeding time
  • Burp baby after feeds
  • Change baby's diaper

While those are certainly helpful activities, they don't exactly address the most common breastfeeding issues that pop up.

Without real guidance, your support people are left on the sidelines feeling helpless. They want to take away your pain & frustration because they love you so much. But the only way they know how to do that is to give you a break and feed your baby with a bottle.

Sometimes bottles are the perfect solution. More often, it's the last thing you want to try - especially when you've worked so hard to get where you're at with breastfeeding. At that point, a bottle can feel like defeat.

Thankfully, it doesn't have to be this way!

I've created this guide for the "fixers" in your life - the people who make things better by DOing something. Similar to a troubleshooting guide, it provides a list of adjustments to try based on the problems that appear. 

Don't worry. No actual tools are involved!

This is NOT a comprehensive guide for lactation support. Also, this is NOT a substitute for professional help. (In fact, the Fix-It Guide clearly states WHEN to call for help. It even has a place to list your personal breastfeeding experts.)

Instead, this is an action plan for your teammates to help you reach your goal of breastfeeding success.


The Breastfeeding Fix-It Guide could be the most powerful gift for your support team. Written in first-person as a message from you to them, it can speak for you when you're not sure what to say.  It also gives them clear directions of what to look for and how to help you.

This is the game changer you need.

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